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Understanding the Benefits of Live Video on Social Media

Live Video on Social Media

Most companies are aware of the need to have accounts on social media platforms, but it can frequently be challenging to get benefits from using such channels. Similar to common issues with search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, social media posts do not always resonate with their intended audiences.

A variety of different tactics have been employed by different businesses—such as including eye-catching images or links to limited-time promotional offers—but numerous studies have found that one of the most effective methods of generating user engagement is creating videos for social media. Live videos—meaning real-time streaming of presentations or other events—has proven especially beneficial for clients across a number of different industries.

Best Social Media Platforms for Live Video

Multiple social media websites allow their users to utilize live video features. In most cases, live videos will rank higher on the “feeds” of users, thus increasing the likelihood of interactions.

Some of the best avenues for social media videos include:

  • Facebook — In 2017, Facebook hit 2 billion users. In January 2018, the social networking service said page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in the website’s News Feed, and “live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.” Be careful with how you use live videos on Facebook though, as the website has stated that content deemed to be “engagement bait”—meaning posts that using tactics encouraging certain specific reactions—can be demoted in the News Feed.
  • YouTube — Not only is YouTube essentially the go-to website for most people seeking video content, it is also owned by Google—significantly enhancing the value of live video streaming services. Like Facebook Live, YouTube Live also allows users to turn live videos into permanent posts that can be downloaded and embedded on other platforms.
  • Twitter — In March 2017, Twitter introduced the Periscope Producer API, which allowed users to share live video without having to connect through the app. Live Twitter videos will appear as tweets on the feeds of an account’s followers and remain in a user’s timeline even after the broadcast ends. The videos will also be available on Periscope—even if the user does not have a Periscope account.
  • Instagram — Similar to the same feature on websites like Facebook or Snapchat, Instagram Stories allows users to share live videos. While Instagram is one of the most popular apps for photo sharing, the drawback of live videos on Instagram is that unlike the aforementioned websites, videos are not saved after they have been shared.

Types of Live Video on Social Media

Certain kinds of videos prove to be more effective at attracting eyeballs than others. Some of the most popular kinds of videos include, but are not limited to:

  • How-To videos or demonstrations
  • Question and answer or Ask Me Anything (AMA) segments
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Major announcements
  • Presentations or “webinars”
  • Breaking news
  • Interviews
  • Recycle existing videos

Promoting Social Live Video

While most companies would prefer to plan for live videos well in advance of publishing them, certain kinds of live streams do not offer the chance to do so. As a result, a business has to find other ways to get the attention of website visitors.

Numerous tactics can be employed by such companies in order to maximize potential impact. Creative use of existing email lists or cross-promoting live streams on other social media platforms are just two such ways to help videos get as many viewers as possible.

Find a Live Video Company for Social Media

If you need help utilizing or maximizing the impact of live social video for your company’s website, SERP Matrix can help. We provide a wide variety of video marketing services for businesses of all sizes in locations throughout the country.

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