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 Nonprofit Organization Website Design & Development

SEO often gets overlooked due to time constraints and a general lack of understanding of its importance or how to get started. Nonprofits can especially struggle in this area, as you may not have the resources to hire an SEO expert or the knowledge to get started yourself. However, ignoring SEO can hurt your cause, and small changes can lead to big wins in site traffic.

At SERP Matrix, we combine social principles with advanced web design skills. Our specialized nonprofit background means we have all the understanding to make your nonprofit website more profitable and more engaging, ensuring greater numbers of visitors and higher levels of visitor enjoyment. Our expert team can guide you through the whole website design process, from the beginning to final usage.

Because we are a small team, we can offer you the assistance of both individual attention and teamwork. At the consultation stage, you will work one-on-one with a project manager, who will assure that all your specific needs are met. At the design and implementation stages, we come together as a creative team to ensure that your website is the best it can possibly be.

A better website can bring you enhanced visibility and an improvement to the number of visits to your website. This, in turn, can broaden your influence and bring you more customers. In today’s internet savvy world, nonprofits that do not understand the demanding attention of maintaining an productive online presence are bound to fall off. SERP Matrix can offer you the customized features that accommodate your nonprofit best, based on what you tell us and our own research.

Nonprofit Web Design & Development

A full-service nonprofit website development agency, SEREP Matrix can help you optimize your online presence at every stage. From registering your domain name to designing and managing your site, our expert developers will optimize your digital strategy for maximum outreach and engagement.

Our nonprofit website development process encompasses all of the following:

  • Information Gathering and Discovery

  • Nonprofit Website Architecture and Design

  • Programming and Development

  • Content Migration

  • Quality Assurance Testing

  • Nonprofit Website Launch

  • Nonprofit Website Maintenance

Nonprofit Marketing Services

Designed to help your organization stay front and center in an ever-changing world, our collection of nonprofit marketing services can take your outreach strategy to the next level. We’ll evaluate your nonprofit’s fundraising goals and build a marketing plan that perfectly meets your needs.

Our nonprofit marketing services include:

Nonprofit Web Design Template

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Raise more capital for your mission with the help of our team of experienced nonprofit fundraisers. We'll begin by understanding where your organization has the greatest opportunity for growth and develop a strategy to help you acquire, manage and grow your supporters and donors. Call (713) 287-1134 right now to learn more about what we can do for your company.