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Press releases, the documents usually mailed, faxed, or emailed to media outlets to make certain announcements, are feeling increasingly antiquated in today's increasingly technological world where news is frequently updated instantaneously through social media websites. Effective press releases can still very much gain valuable attention for companies and help bolster their online presence.

Multiple companies provide press release distribution services that are capable of reaching hundreds of different parties, some of which are free while others charge fees but provide additional benefits. In order for a press release to maximize its potential success, it usually needs to be based on an event that is particularly newsworthy.

A well-crafted press release not only discusses something significant that has occurred or is about to occur with a business, but also includes important keywords and hyperlinks that help the company's other larger search engine optimization (SEO) goals. The bottom line is that in order for a press release to actually work, a business needs to make sure the press release conveys a message in such a way that others will feel compelled to share the information contained in the release.

Press Release Services in Houston, TX

Does your business need help with press release services? SERP Matrix has a team of experienced content writers capable of using backgrounds in marketing, advertising, and journalism to develop press releases for your company that get the results you are seeking.

No matter the size of your business or your industry, we can take the information you want to share and ensure that you are given a press release that reaches the widest audience possible. You can have SERP Matrix discuss your press release options as soon as you call (713) 287-1134 today.

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Press releases remain a solid way for companies to earn media coverage. An ideal press release will be based on some kind of actual newsworthy item relating to a business. Some examples of good press release topics might include:

  • An upcoming event or a successful recent event
  • A significant milestone
  • A new product
  • New website
  • Charitable contribution or recent charity work

When a press release is distributed, it can be picked up by hundreds of media outlets. In some cases, the press releases may be automatically syndicated, but hyperlinks within the press releases can still provide value because of the impact they may have on a company's search engine results pages (SERPs).

Paid Press Release Services vs. Free Press Release Services in Texas

One major drawback for many businesses unfamiliar with press releases is the cost that is often involved. Some companies charge hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for these services, but there are also several web-based press release services that are completely free.

While the price may seem right with free press release services, such companies rarely allow for HTML formatting or inclusion of photos, videos, or possibly even hyperlinks. Paid sites, on the other hand, usually offer most—if not all—of these benefits, as well as a few other bells and whistles to entice prospective clients. and are two popular examples of free press release services, while,, and are some examples of trusted paid sites. SERP Matrix has done the research and knows which press release services deliver the best results, and we can help make sure to use the services that fit within your budget.

Online Marketing with Press Release Services in Houston

The typical press release will summarize a news item and include at least one quote from a significant person involved in the organization. A dateline that mentions the city and date of the release as well as media contact information are also musts. Another key element to press releases concerns the hyperlinks that are used within the press releases.

It is important not to overload a press release with excessive and unnecessary links. Landing pages should be directly related to the subject of the press release. When a release contains too many hyperlinks or links to unrelated website pages, the reader will likely disregard the release.

A well-written press release can appear in Google News or other major websites only minutes after being issued. SERP Matrix understands the most effective distribution models for press releases and can ensure that your company's releases are being directed to the most advantageous channels.

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If you need assistance with issuing press releases for your business, SERP Matrix has the expertise to handle all of your needs. We understand the value that press releases have for your company's branding, credibility, and exposure.

SERP Matrix handles press release services for businesses all over the country, large and small. Call (713) 287-1134 to let us determine how press releases can work with your business model.

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